Marketing : An Integral Part Of Any Business

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Neuroscience in Marketing In recent times, Marketing has become an integral part of any business. Your business may offer the best products or services in the industry, but without continuous projection of the product to the customers, the chances of your competitors taking over your products is very high. Marketing has evolved over the ages to a stage where every aspect of its technology is examined scientifically and improved techniques are applied to win over the customers and retain them. But what does the future hold for marketing? Marketing, then and now In the early 1950s and 1960s, marketing was production oriented and the quality of the production was the driving factor of marketing. Also, production was demand oriented and creation of demand was not the primary focus of the manufacturer. Later, as new production technologies started to develop, techniques evolved simultaneously to meet the needs of the customers and efforts were made to maximize customization. Nowadays, a holistic marketing approach is used that integrates several aspects of marketing. But the next major advancement in marketing is literally hacking the brain of the customer. The next big step Neuroscience is the field of study where the response to products and consumer decision-making is understood at the level of body and mind. The Neuromarketing concept is based on a model wherein the major thinking part of human activity, including emotion, takes place in the subconscious area that is below
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