Marketing Analysis : Abercrombie & Stitch

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Consulting Creative has been approached with the task of transforming a company into a creative hub. Abercrombie & Stitch, an all-American clothing company is facing many challenges related to its culture, policy on diversity, and organizational values, which disrupt its potential to be creative and collaborative. The establishment of a creative hub needs to encompass the elements of creativity and collaboration. Creativity is the generation of new and valuable ideas and collaboration is the connectivity of creative resources. Brainstorming techniques and organizational encouragement to be creative are suggested as implementations. The major emphasis of the implementation focuses on collaboration including training leaders to be collaborative, creating a collaborative community, choosing the most appropriate collaborative style for A&S, and lastly using technology to connect A&S with others.

Dear Abercrombie & Stitch,
Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and your brand to establish a culture of creativity and transform your organization into a creative hub. We, at Consulting Creative, understand that Abercrombie & Stitch (A&S) creates a timeless and authentic brand that prides itself in designing and producing the highest quality all-American attire. Considering the economically challenging market and need for innovative business strategies we intend to aid A&S in establishing creative and collaborative business practices that do not
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