Marketing Analysis : American Express

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Case Summary: American Express is one of the largest credit card companies in the world and maintains its lead over other companies by offering cutting edge, world class customer service. As other companies go to computerized customer service programs, or programs based in other parts of the world, American Express has trained customer service reps to actively engage with customers and take the time to learn more about its customers. By developing customer relationships, attempting to give standardized quality and introducing programs which benefit its consumers, American Express has developed its service quality perception as one the most well-respected banking organizations in the world. Key Marketing Issues • Service Quality – American Express has focused on the five service quality perceptions of its customers to present itself as a world class customer service organization. • Management of Service Expectations – To maintain its programs of developing extensive consumer affairs internal communication with customer service representatives is crucial for American Express • Heterogeneity – Service quality is difficult to control and maintain. American Express must focus on heterogeneity to standardize it consumer affairs. • Client-Based Relationships – With so many banking and credit card company choices, American Express needs to focus on customer relationships to keep the customers it has, which also help deliver new customers through word of mouth.
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