Marketing Analysis : Apple Inc. Essay

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Apple is a leading company in the industry of Technology manufactures mobiles, computers, communications devices and portable devices. The company also sells software computer accessories and network solutions. Apple was said “the most valuable company in the world” apple earn this value though its creativity and innovation. The company has high values for its stakeholders and it has a sustainable competitive advantage for its shareholder in the industry.
Industry Analysis & Firm Analysis:
Apple Inc. a major firm in technology industry according to Porter model there are five forces the directly affect market performance for technology industry bargaining power of buyers is the most important factor that can change the market situation. The switching cost in technology industry is low so the buyers can easily shift toward other brands. The buyers always respond toward innovative and new products. For Apple Inc. bargaining power of buyers is the most important factor that can influence performance of company Apple is using various strategies to introduce new and innovative products time to time to capture a major share in the industry and also want to gain customer’s loyalty. The Apple is very successful in gaining long term customer base and customer’s loyalty.
The second most important factor in technology industry is the bargaining power of suppliers, suppliers play crucial role for defining the strategy of a firm. Apple Inc. has strong strategy for its suppliers that…

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