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Just like anything one performs, investment comes with risk, and it is for one to determine the amount of risk to take. If one seeks for more risk, it is logical to seek for more return. Furthermore, there is risk in investing in a single stock because of the systematic risk, the unavoidable risk in the market. To diminish this from occurring, a well-diversified portfolio can reduce the risk of gambling all resources in a single stock. To add up, I am willing to diversify my investment into Apple, Mohawk, and Tesla Security, with a determined Security Market Line.
First, Apple is a risky investment in my portfolio. Apple security has a beta above the average market beta, 1.00. According to Yahoo finance, the Mean Analyst Recommendation is about 1.9 out of 5, which means that it is recommended to buy the Apple’s stock (Apple Inc.(AAPL), 2016). Furthermore, “More U.S. consumers are buying iPhones from third-party retailers instead of directly from Apple Inc., according to a new report, a shift that could cut into the tech giant’s wide profit margins” (Wakabayashi & Nicas , 2016); if Apple does nothing about this, the information might foreshadow that the value of stock might go down. The following are some of the NasdaGS information about Apple.
• Stock Price= $109.77
• Beta = 1.36
• Market Cap = 602.47 Billion
• Industry = Electronic Equipment
• P/E= 11.69
Apple’s Stock might be undervalue; it is a great opportunity to take advantage of this situation. I believe that Apple

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