Marketing Analysis : Att Group Essay

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Business Description ATT Group is a full-service digital creative agency that is located in Seattle. The company provides marketing services, web, branding for a company in many industries. To illustrates, the company provides solutions of marketing strategies including website, social media, or video production, so that customers can get the best solution for their marketing strategy based on their budget. In addition the company can help its customers by providing an assessment and an effective plan, so that they can decide what should they focus on their marketing efforts. Branding service: In order to keep the look from messages of a company be consistent in all marketing platform, ATT Group provides a business brand strategy including logo development, video production and social media plan. Media buying and media planning: Having experience in blending media buying in traditional solutions with digital solutions, ATT Group can provide the most effective solution for a company media budget. In addition, it is one of a few company in Seattle location that offer Media buying service, the company’s customers will satisfy when they work with ATT Group. Web design: Having employees with professional skills will helps its customers to design an website with friendly user interface, and provide full needed functions so that it can attrated their target customers. Social media: Based on each company needs, ATT Group will customize strategy and express via social media
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