Marketing Analysis : Bella Couture

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This business will specialize in quality unique pieces. The idea for this business is to fill a void in the existing market. Bella Couture will offer the trendy female consumer with distinctive arrangement of products and services unlike any other offered thus far. The goal of the business is to deliver an exclusive yet fashionable collection of attire and accessories that changes frequently, personal service, a easy-going and relaxed atmosphere, and moderate prices. The name, Bella Couture, was selected because it implies a sense of chic and high-end. It would be ideal to have consumers think of these two characteristics when seeing the name or when mention the boutique. Bella Couture customer enjoys fashion and seeks apparel and…show more content…
The proposed boutique, Bella Couture, will combine elements of existing stores in order to meet the market’s needs in the best way possible. Bella Couture will only consist of one owner and manager, Marleny Nunez, who will run the business as a sole proprietorship. Nunez established a sole proprietorship because of the ease of formation, also it is an easier structure and she thought it would be best to start the company this way. When looking into expanding the business, forming an S Corporation will be looked at. Nunez will handle all the administrative and managerial duties. The boutique will be located in one of the world’s busiest cities, New York City. The boutique’s hours of operation will be Monday through Saturday from 9AM to 9PM. On the Sundays, the store hours will be from 10AM to 6PM. There would be extended special hours during the holiday shopping season. As a recent college graduate, the owner of Bella Couture, Marleny Nunez, already has almost six years of retail experience. Since the age of sixteen, Nunez has worked for a Macy’s, Michael Kors, and DASH. She also held a Retail Management Internship with Bloomingdales, during which she expanded her knowledge and learned about running a retail establishment. This experience has allowed Nunez to gain substantial knowledge that is particularly relevant to opening her own clothing and accessories store. She has an understanding of the following
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