Marketing Analysis : Brand Community

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A structured set of people from different geographical background with the craving for a particular brand or product is termed as brand community. In the past people were categorised by their occupation, religion, language and ethnic backgrounds, whereas at present people are distinguished by what they buy and what they are capable of buying. The market must be analysed to strategic brand management due to the dynamics of consumption, individualization as well satisfy collective identity of brand community. Ethnography no longer differentiates people who have a predilection for a brand in common. The brand communities’ exhibits shared sense of responsibility in brand building apart from the marketing strategies initially made by the…show more content…
The dawn of 20th century is the initiation of production of goods and services which were consumer focussed, instead of the usual trend of mass production. Due to economic growth and diversified consumerism, there arises a need for the manufacturers to give additional products of to the market for their survival while still retaining their so called “BRAND” name. Knowledge of the brand communities assists manufacturers preceding the launch of new products so as to retain the positive attitude towards the product and brand as a whole. The influence of brand has grown to the extent that even in accounting there is value allotted for intangibles like goodwill of a company, which mostly contributes to the brand name. Consumers are happy to pay more to get more sophisticated products to blend in the community than left aloof. More brand oriented groups are evident; credit goes to the social media which is prevalent and influential around the globe and contributes to the growing consumer base of reputed brands like Apple, Microsoft, Harvey Davidson motorcycle, etc. (Stratton & Northcote, 2014)

Communities form around brand instead of symbol around community, imparting an implication and understanding between brand owner and consumers. The brand community also depend on symbolic construction; fantasy literatures; support for sporting teams; to indicate few of
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