Marketing Analysis : Brand Community

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Introduction: A structured set of people from different geographical background with the craving for a particular brand or product is termed as brand community. In the past people were categorised by their occupation, religion, language and ethnic backgrounds, whereas at present people are distinguished by what they buy and what they are capable of buying. The market must be analysed to strategic brand management due to the dynamics of consumption, individualization as well satisfy collective identity of brand community. Ethnography no longer differentiates people who have a predilection for a brand in common. The brand communities’ exhibits shared sense of responsibility in brand building apart from the marketing strategies initially made by the companies. Social media play a vital role in bringing the similar characterized and structured consumer community together, and various theories and implications on branding has risen, giving rise to these particularities. Consumer culture, significance acceptance and acknowledgement of product, consumer behaviour widely influences brand community (Muniz & O 'Guinn). Brand community also serves as the best platform for analysing the acceptance level and developing new diversified products of the same brand. Thus the core of brand community is not the community itself but the brand that binds the individuals, building a social relationship between the enthusiasts of the brand itself. The idea of brand community of various brands is
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