Marketing Analysis : Brand Loyalty

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Brand loyalty is one of the hottest subjects in marketing today. Customer’s brand loyalty play an significant role in company’s development. There are a range of definitions of this term, but in this essay ‘brand loyalty’ refers to people being willing to buy products from the same manufacturer repeatedly rather than from other suppliers. More and more companies are tried to investing in optimizing the benefits of their brand externally and internally. Various researchers (Ballester and Aleman, 1999) refer that brand loyalty generates benefits like substantial entry barriers to competitors, better ability to respond to competitive threats, greater sales and revenues and the customers’ lower sensitivity to marketing efforts of competitors. The purpose of this essay is to help the entrepreneur to explore which factor can have important influence for customer’s brand loyalty. Clearly a study of this type is inevitably restricted by various constrains. Because customer’s brand loyalty has been influenced by many factors we can not illustrate all of them. The essay is structured as follows. The first section presents an example on the highly successful Apple company, analyzing the company’s approaches to encourage ‘brand loyalty’ among their customers. The second part focuses on factors distinguish which factors can have a significant influence on customer, make customers to try out products instead of remaining loyalty to brand. Nowadays, with the development of society and
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