Marketing Analysis : Business Ownership, Management Structure And Staffing Essay

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1. Executive Summary Business Overview Market Analysis Macro Environment Entry Strategy Marketing Strategy SWOT Analysis Market Research Competitor Analysis Business Ownership, Management Structure and Staffing Financials required Operational matters & Legal Compliance 2. Business Overview What this business will do, its products and services, the industry it is in, when, where and how business will be delivered NannyMatch is an on-call or short-term babysitting service, which matches specifically skilled and experienced babysitters, saving parents their valuable time and money, while providing quality service at a competitive price. The service will include the introduction of child-care service via a mobile app as well website booking. It is an innovative online enterprise by offering babysitter database for tourist families and a customized search tool based on their requirements, which will help assist them to find the most suitable babysitter for them. We will be in the child care industry and is aiming to be fully operational by fourth quarter of 2016. Nanny Match will offer 24/7 upper-end child-care babysitting booking services for toddlers and children from 6 months to 10 years old of tourist families staying in hotels. Booking will be done using the website, mobile app or with partner travel agencies. The baby-sitting service can be on-call or short-term (short-term being the duration of the stay of the tourist family). Customers will choose their baby sitter
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