Marketing Analysis : Buy Space On Chicago Art Institute Museum

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PR: Media Event: Buy space in Chicago Art Institute museum to place big white wings people can make photo with. One of the feathers will have the name of the brand in pink. There also will be a sign by this exhibit “when angels grow up” and a QR code to find out about famous works of art with angels and a map how to get there. For one weekend the entrance to the museum will be free for everyone. There will be a special platform with seats where an important woman from the company, CEO (35+), will speak about the success of the brand and talk about the advantages of wearing VS, answering any questions, and promoting the idea that women should never stop trying to look beautiful and VS knows how to help them with this task. Different reporters from local media will be contacted and invited for the event, so that they can write about it, promoting the idea of beauty at any ages. News Release: A news release will be sent to all major media channels, including TV and radio, to talk about the media event, to play recordings of the CEO speech. There will be special body care products (one-man product, one-woman product, because we don’t know exactly who will get our message) with every news release that is sent to media, so journalists will feel better about the brand and more willing to add our information to their platforms. Celebrity: Order a song from a top-rated 35+ celebrity (Like Beyoncé, Madonna) that will contain a phrase about Victoria’s Secret. This will help to

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