Marketing Analysis : Caribou Coffee

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Situation Analysis Having more than two hundred seventy three company owned stores, Caribou Coffee is the second largest company- operated premium coffeehouse and retailer in the United States. Although it’s one of the largest coffeehouses it still has to compete with not only national coffeehouses like Starbucks but local ones as well. In 2013 Caribou sales hit an all-time low throughout all its categories and had to close roughly eighty stores across the nation. In order to reinvent themselves Caribou Coffee partnered up with Exponent PR and Colle + McVoy to find a bold new approach in marketing to capture the attention of its audience. Programming During the research stage Exponent conducted both qualitative research and quantitative research. As a result of qualitative research they used consumers and were able to identify the core consumer insight, which was that coffee was more than something they drank, but was a personal experience from them, which brightened up their day. They also used quantitative research by using key industry data from the quickservice restaurant industry, which showed consumers that favored brands that invited them to interact. Exponent also monitored social media and discovered Caribou customers were creators whom had a wide-range of interests, with a desire to do and not just to experience. To better prepare for their campaign they also researched target audiences, which revealed which audiences would have the biggest potential to
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