Marketing Analysis: Case Study Of Pepsico

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A1. 4
a. Marketing Management 4
b. PESTEL Factors 4
Political Factors 4
Economic Factors 4
Social Factors 4
Technology Factors 5
Environmental factors 5
Legal factors 5
c). 3 Aspects of product Tropicana chosen from PepsiCo 6
A2. 8
a). Who are reseller 8
b). Types of Segmentation 8
1. Geographic Segmentation 8
2. Demographic segmentation 8
3. Psychographic segmentation 8
4. Behavioral segmentation 8
c. Factors affect pricing decision 9
Internal Factors 9
Organizational Factors 9
Marketing Mix 9
Cost of the production 9
Objectives of the firm 9
External Factors 9
2. Competition: 10
3. Suppliers: 10
4. Economic Conditions: 10
5. Government: 10
d) Buying process of washing machine 11
Need/Problem Recognitions 11
Information Search 11
Successive set
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a. Marketing Management
According to Philip Kotler, “Marketing management is the analysis, planning, implementation and control of programs designed to bring about desired exchanges with target markets for the purpose of achieving organizational objectives. It relies heavily on designing the organizations offering in terms of the target markets needs and desires and using effective pricing, communication and distribution to inform, motivate and service the market.”
Marketing management is worried about the written work out of a specific program, after cautious investigation and evaluating of the market circumstances and a definitive execution of these plans to accomplish the objectives of the organization (Marketing Management Meaning and Importance of Marketing Management Explained, n.d).
b. PESTEL Factors
Political Factors
It includes Government activities, Government acting, open policies, and act which influence the operations of a marketing in Maldives. These powers may effect an association on a nearby, area, or public level. So marketer and business management give careful attention to the political powers to judge how government activities which will influence their
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