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Coca - Cola breathes their mission, grows from their vision and thrives off of their values , which h elps this company to achieve worldw ide success. Below is a picture of the span of operations in each country. Source: Domestic O perations Coca - Cola started operations in the United States 130 years ago and flourished into a multinational incorporated distributor. Coca - Cola focus es on distributing its concentrated non - alcoholic patented syrup to its bottlers throughout the world. In the United States Coca - Cola owns its major bottler named Coca - Cola Refreshments. In the United States, the company bypasses bottlers and is responsible for the manufacture and sale of fountain syrups directly to authorized fountain wholesalers and some fountain retailers. Eleven years ago Coca - Cola decided to form a Bottl ing Investments Group (BIG) to manage the growth, resources and finances as the company grows. According to Zach Investments, “after the purchase of the North GLOBAL ECONOMY – PROJECT 1 5 American assets of Coca - Cola Enterprises, as of 2014 the company directly owned 100% of Coca - Cola Refreshments, the anchor bottler of Coca - Cola products in North America, representing about 90% of Canada and 80% of the United States“ (2015). M ajor bottlers in the United States are: Swire, Consolidated, and United control 95% of the territory in the U nited States (Zach investments, 2015). Coca - Cola is traded on the New York Stock

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