Marketing Analysis : Coca Cola

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Marketing event 2014 Coca-Cola Company released its new product in early September 2014 called Coca-Cola Life and with it, launched a marketing campaign in order to promote it and raise awareness of the customers. Coca-Cola Life is aimed at adults and the aim of the product is to tackle obesity with lower sugar and calorie levels. The packaging is changed to green which is much different from the typical red colour of Coca-Cola’s main product. In order to analyse this marketing event, relevance to marketing, issues to marketing and key players need to be identified in order to cover all the aspects of the marketing event. Coca-Cola Life launch is relevant to marketing event because Cola-Cola Company wants to introduce a new drink that is…show more content…
Looking at these strategies Coca-Cola is trying to catch people’s attention at as many locations in UK possible and to point out the properties of Coca-Cola life as it is supposed to be a healthier version of the original Coca-Cola product in the. The relevance to marketing that this campaign is making is that it’s focused on wide range of above the line advertising in order to raise awareness. When looking at the marketing campaign some issues have to be pointed out in ordered to improve it, specifically in this case an issue that is raised that Coca-Cola is introducing 60% less sugar and calories to this new product and is a part of the movement to tackle obesity, yet the price of the product remains the same even though less ingredients are used in order to produce it. According to Tom Fry, of the National Obesity Forum, Coca-Cola should really reduce its price if it wants its consumers to believe that coke will actually contribute to a healthier diet and not continue keeping its profit levels (Huffington 2014). On the other hand there are some that don’t support the product at all and consider it to be very bad for one’s health. Jaude Lovell, who is a scientist and owns a website that spreads the awareness in the science community, pointed out that Coca-Cola life’s green packaging sends a message to consumers that coke is actually good for them., whereas in her opinion is has very unhealthy properties. Mrs. Lovell explains that there is around
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