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Introduction Coca-Cola has slowly worked its way to the top and has become well known throughout the world as the most popular company for soft drink beverages. It all started in April 1865, John Pemberton was serving for the Confederate Army’s 12th Cavalry Regiment in the Battle of Columbus Georgia (Journey). Pemberton got severely wounded and became addicted to the morphine he received when recovering. John Pemberton was a pharmacist and wanted to find a safer alternative to his addiction. At first, Pemberton created a beverage that had alcohol in it. But in 1886, Atlanta and Fulton County began to participate in the temperance movement, a social movement to consume alcohol in moderation (Journey). This caused Pemberton to experiment and come up with a non-alcoholic beverage. After a lot of trial and error, in 1886, Pemberton created what he believed to be the perfect recipe and he named it Coca-Cola. From then on Coca-Cola has become a very popular soda beverage.
Product Analysis

In 1886, John Pemberton invented what is now known as the most popular soda beverage in the world, Coca Cola (Journey). This fountain beverage has become a favorite among not just the United States but the entire world. Its “refreshing, thirst quenching taste” has consumers wanting more. Coca Cola has twenty-three main brands but over 3,000 products (Journey). Different types of Coca-Cola products are: fountain beverages, bottled water, energy drinks, Juices, alcoholic beverages, and Teas. A…

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