Marketing Analysis : Consumer 's Branding Preference Essay

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1 Natalie Ponce November 21st, 2016 Comparison Paper Consumer’s Branding Preference Branding is a method used by businesses no matter what they do or their size. It is more than just a logo design, it is a way to connect with consumers and be recognized in order to grow and prosper (Deluxe, 2015). In order to be continuously relevant with the constant developments and transformations, such as new technology and social media, producers must evolve and alter how consumers see their forms of branding. This attributes to comparing which ways have been successful for businesses. It is important for producers to know what methods have been the most effective techniques of branding according to consumers in order to know how to further proceed with trademarking their company or organization. One of the purposes for branding a business is to keep customers coming back (Hammond, 2008). There are many ways that this can be done, however, it is hard to know which ways truly work. Producers know that no matter how much effort or money they put in their branding mechanisms it all comes down to how their consumers receive and understand them. Jenkins supports this idea by stating, “companies must listen to and learn from their audiences if they want to enjoy long-term success.” In the past, creating a brand was all decided through the corporation; it was a one-way road. Now technological progression allows branding to be a two-way road. It is a form of communication for consumers to
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