Marketing Analysis : Cross Cultural Marketing

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Introduction Cross cultural marketing refers to the strategic process in which marketing is conducted among people whose culture differs from that of the marketer. The differences in culture occur in various aspects like social norms, values and language. The differences also include such aspects as the living styles and education of the people. This paper addresses the need for company A which is US based to understand cross cultural marketing in China. The paper clearly defines the different areas which the company must consider when launching into China. This results from the fact that cross-cultural marketing requires sensitivity on the marketer. Failure to understand the tactics leads to the eventual failure of the marketing. Understanding the culture of the Chinese people and incorporating it into the marketing mix of Company A will result to the success of the company. Major Cross-Cultural Issues That May Impact Company A’s Marketing Approach There are various issues that make the country of china and US tremendously different in their cultures. One is the social structure which is extremely hierarchical and formal in China. This means that people should know their place in the hierarchy and fix themselves accordingly (Dsouza, 2012). One is not supposed to cross the boundaries into other areas. This differs from the way it is in America and where the structure is informal and loose. This is based on the democratic style of leadership that is depicted right from the
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