Marketing Analysis : Cxm Computer Company Essay

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Executive Summary CXM Computer Company have various products to provide different functions ranging from computer game to professional Internet work. In order to development of our company, finding potential marketing is necessary. Younger is more and more likely to use computer for studying or playing computer games. In a word, the young people is a potential, lucrative market for CXM Computer Company. SMM plan is concentrated on taking advantage of the social media to help CXM Computer Company to develop the potential and lucrative market, thereby make a great profit. The first step is making a lot of research and surveys to figure out the company’s current social media presence, competitive analysis, and target market analysis. According to the above results, we analyze the comprehensive situation to setting reasonable and specific social media marketing goals and choose the best effective and suitable social media platform to execute and monitor the whole social media marketing plan. Then design a comprehensive strategy to fulfill these goals. Social media goals for the CXM Computer Company include: * Achieving a desired brand positioning * Strengthening the brand by using word -of – mouth *Satisfy unmet needs of customers * Create some new and functional product ideas * Capitalize on the strengths of company * Reduce organizational weakness and external threat * Increasing foot traffic in the stores In order to achieve these goals, CXM Computer Company design a

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