Marketing Analysis : Diamond Security

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DIAMOND SECURITY CONSULTANTS Mohammad Iqbal Saint Leo University FL COM-514 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Diamond Security Consultants provides Cyber Security training and Education to companies specifically in User Awareness training against the social engineering attacks and mechanism in ten countries across the world and expanding specifically in the Middle East. Our offices need to communicate through the professional email account with our business domain and video conferencing on a regular basis and need to update and coordinate the different training events and pricing on a regular basis. The basic aim of this paper is to analyze the different options regarding Cloud computing to reduce the operating cost, efficiency, and collaboration but also to provide us the opportunity to acquire more services in case of our expansion in services and products. Our company sees its future to provide services in the penetration testing and providing ethical social engineering attacks to the companies in the US and in the middle east as well. We will be required to use the cloud provider services and products in this expansion are in the future. INTRODUCTION There has been a massive transition from the in-house IT Infrastructure to the Cloud Computing. Many big and small organizations have already successfully migrated all of their data, operations, and other key IT functions to the leading Cloud Computing providers. According to latest research the
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