Marketing Analysis : Digital Marketing

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The Internet is one of the current important platforms of information. Company make use of the Internet to display information, connect with customers, operate the transactions and share cost reductions. It has become clear that in this internet age the world has transformed into electronic information utilization based on technology and globalization, this situation leads to an increase of the use of digital marketing (, 2015). One of the marketing functions that can be influenced by digital marketing is promotion. Promotions process involves advertising in multichannel and sales promotions. The main way to obtain results through promotions is by ensuring that companies choose the right target who are interest to buy…show more content…
By using digital form, customers will instantly able to provide feedback, give comments and suggestion directly through the app company provide. This not only increases company’s chance of receiving more feedback related to their service in order to increase customer service but reduces the need to print, store, and process the comment cards and feedback forms. (Baker, 2014). Moreover, Digital marketing facilitate communication within and between organizations in term of promotion by provide access to sources of information and current trends in interactive media. ( 'Impact of Technology on Marketing ', 2015). For example, email marketing is one of the functions of the internet in business promotion. It is used for both internal and external communications in the company. Email helps users to communicate with each other more flexible in terms of time and location. Email can also be an effective way to keep track of requests from customers or suppliers, conversations within and between organisations, and other important data which company concerned about as it provides a record of what was communicated. (wiseGEEK, 2015) Furthermore, unlike in the past, interactive digital marketing has transformed and allows a two way dialogue between marketers and customers. Promotion becomes a process that pays more attention to customers demand rather than leading customer. By the time customer provides feedback to company, personal
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