Marketing Analysis : E Commerce

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With improved global relationships, business web is expanding its roots to every corners of the world. There has been lot of advancements in the corporate sector for the past decade. Retail marketing, e-commerce has grown enormously. With advanced computer and information technology, the retail, e-commerce has increased tremendously; applying these new technologies in business has established many new business approaches and strategies(Ramcharran, 2013). It is stated that in the year 2011, online shoppers in the United Kingdom spent 50 billion pounds which is more than 5000 percent increase in the market when compared to the year 2000; this is just because of the increased access provided to the customers and attractive features like…show more content…
There are certain challenges that are to be faced with this zillion of bytes of data; one of the major is integrating and retrieval of data and incorporating with the enterprise system(Dubois, 2001). Background Information With the increased need to manage the huge data, many companies are using ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for data management, retrieving and other data related requirements. It provides complete retail oriented solutions to the business. ERP is being extensively used now a day in all the business organizations to serve their data analyzing needs. Typically, ERP is of two types; offline system and online system. Online ERP system captures the day to day transactional data whereas offline ERP system is analyzing the captured transactional data(Elnaffar, Martin, Schiefer, & Lightstone, 2008). Online system can also be used to analyze the data but one drawback is the system performance is degraded while using the online system. This affects the productivity of the firm and sometimes may lead to unpredicted losses in the business. To overcome this problem, the offline system is developed. This system collects the data captured by the online system which has very less impact on the online system. The offline system is purely used for analyzing data. This offline system can be referred to as an analytical system which is nothing but called Business
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