Marketing Analysis : E Marketing

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Chapter one: Introduction

1.1 Overview
Due to high competition in today’s business, firms under pressure to explore new technology that can address competitive issues (El-Gohary, 2009, p.1). Increasing the numbers of internet users than ever have forced decision makers to change their ways to stay live in market. Recently, e-Marketing (EM) has been used by different companies to advertise their services and products (Mokhtar, 2015, p.1). e-Marketing means offering services and products using electronic tools and technologies. El-Gohery (2010, p.3) defined it as a new concept that is used to reach ideas, information and services to customer by using internet. Also, Chaffey (2007, p.1) focused on using the best communications methods to gain customer satisfaction. The main objective of e-Marketing is to attract customers’ attention, increase sales, cover a wide regions and safe cost, time and effort. E-Marketing tools have developed from traditional technologies such as TV, radio, etc. to depending on different methods like social media ( facebook and twitter), email, microblogs, viral and much more ( Sheth and sharma, 2005, p.3).
The world is changing rapidly; resorting to e-Marketing has become mandatory for all types of business to be close to other competitors. To achieve effective sustainability, organizations should have a competitive advantage. Competitive advantage requires constantly making improvement to both internal and external factors to satisfy customer and…
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