Marketing Analysis : Fashion Range Co

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Company Overview Fashion Range Co. is a clothing retail company in Canada that offers great quality clothing for teenagers and adults. We are small independent company that compasses of 80-100 employees stretching across Canada making environmentally friendly materials for our fashion trend clothes while emphasizing the importance of sustainability. Our fashion trend is more demographically targeting young men & women aged 13 to 45. Our customers are part of a generation constantly looking for that next best thing. Our stores are mainly located inside shopping malls for our customers to best reach and online store at With a focus on the latest fashion trends, our customers can be confident in knowing they’ll receive…show more content…
Mission Our Mission is to give a defined meaning to the word “Style.” To inspire and create a better world by providing products that does not harm the environment. A Style in which we will provide the best shopping experience in fashion, while giving back a peaceful environment for everyone to enjoy. Vision Our vision is to look towards a better future, we operate to create a better life for our planet. What this means is that starting with social responsibility to the environment, we work together to preserve the world for future generations to come. As a company we believe that with the right amount resources, we can bring out the best qualities out of anything. A fashion which everyone will enjoy, while knowing that they are helping to protect the Earth with each helping hand. Striving to protect the world, we operate responsibility, economically, and sustainability for a beautiful, fashionable future for the next generation Five-year Recruitment Strategy To establish and expand a diverse team that helps encourage sustainable environment in different culture, and languages with a high sense of fashion in the industry. The goal of the company is to attract the best fashionable people in the industry with a direct concern on environmental sustainability. Also to promote the company’s philosophy and implement and maintain corporate social responsibility. People-finding strategy To encourage diversity
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