Marketing Analysis : Forging A New Horizon Of Traveling, Allegiant Travel Company

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Forging a new horizon of traveling, Allegiant Travel Company is an airline company that offers airline travel from smaller cities to vacation destinations, for competitively lower prices (3). What makes this company different from others is their plan itself - most of the cities they fly from rarely get attention from the larger airlines (4). In addition to their cheap fares, Allegiant Travel Company offers bundle deals with hotels, rental cars, and other amenities that might be useful when traveling (3), a major factor in the purchasing decisions of their customers, and ultimately the company’s economic state.
Over the course of a company’s operations, the environment in which it is in largely determines the success, or failure, of the company. Analyzing Allegiant Travel Company, using a PEST analysis, we were able to discover the many environmental factors within the political, economical, social, and technological range that could affect the airline industry, and specifically Allegiant Travel Company. In each category, there are important environmental situations that affect the welfare of the company. Allegiant Air, along with all airlines, is subject to regulation by the government, in this case, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) (5). In an airline, there is much to be evaluated in order to provide services, however they can sometimes cause a disruption or inefficiencies for the airline company. Recently, around 30 of Allegiant Travel Company’s aircraft had

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