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General Mills is a company that has strategically developed and growth through mergers and acquisitions. Mergers are the fusion of two companies that join forces to compete in the market. There are two types of merger: Horizontal merger on which the company acquires a competitor and vertical merger, on which the fusion is with a supplier. Acquisitions, on the other hand occurs when a company buys another company and become the property of the buyer. Thorough study of the market has made General Mills maintains a leader position on the food industry through more than 100 years in the market. According to a business encyclopedia, Strategy is a plan a company develops to reach a determine objective and reflects the company’s strength,…show more content…
Furthermore, a good marketing strategy will tell you how to advertise your product, your target audience and will add value to the product. For example, Frito Lay placed many of their products in the aisles or next to the registers, this is a marketing strategy that purposely creates a necessity to the shopper to acquire the merchandise. General Mills’ position in marketing their products is inclusive and respectful, especially when it intended to go to children. The company has created a Responsible Marketing Council (RMC) which will review market policies, compliance with those policies and how those new products are marketed to children (Marketing and Advertising, n.d.). Comparative Company Analysis Competitive environment General Mills competes in a dynamic environment. Some of their competitors are Kellogg’s in the cereal segment. Cereal was a product that used to be the number one election for breakfast in American. As time and new knowledge evolved, consciousness about products with less sugar or gluten free arose making the cereal industry tumble. Products like protein bars, Greek yogurts, and even fast food are the new options to start the date, gaining market share over the cereal industry. Kellogg’s is a company that produces and sells cereals, fruit flavored snacks, breakfast biscuits, beverage, crackers, toasters pastries,

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