Marketing Analysis : Global Media Industry

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Industry overview In this section we will be analyzing two distinct yet complementary broad industry segments in which Disney Operates namely, Media Industry which includes media network and entertainment business including Parks and Film, and the other is Consumer Products. Media Industry In 2014, Global media industry generated more than 4 trillion USD in revenue. With 135,000 establishments and 1.3 trillion USD revenue, US is the largest media market, followed by Japan and China. In the US, major players are concentrated in California and New York, while small companies are mainly focused on serving local and niche markets. (Hoovers Industry Research, 2015) Growth potential: positively correlated with Economy and Globalization The media industry is expected to grow in line with the overall GDP growth and with the introduction of new and innovative technologies to consume media resources. Accessing more international markets is one of the major drivers for the growth potential and the major players are expanding their reach in markets like China which is the second largest movie market outside North America with 3.6 billion USD revenue in 2013. (Hoovers Industry Research, 2015) The developing markets are also contributing to the growth of global box office through the proliferation of multiple movie screens in those countries and hence, Box office revenue is expected to grow to about $46 billion by 2018 (PWC, 2015), up from about $36 billion in 2013. Mergers and
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