Marketing Analysis : Global Supply Chain Essay

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Global supply chain remains a highly contested theme and there have been many attempts to define the real winner and competition of market power in the literature. The participant network varies in size and scope, depending on the products involved, geographic dispersion of supply and demand, and customer service requirements. Martin Christopher (2011: 15) states that within global supply chains the real competition is not company against company but rather, supply chains against supply chains. This essay seeks to investigate the following statement in reference to the different analytical frameworks. The purpose is to identify the link between the nature of relationships and its affect on the performance of actors in the chain. Firstly, this assignment examines the supply chain management framework and its links with criticism of this mainstream look. Next, it closely touches upon Global Commodity Chains in relation to Global Value Chain approach. Finally, it focuses on Global Production Network, describing how important labour and states are, as well as showing the limitations of this extremely complex scheme.
Mainstream view and its criticism

This first section provides a general discussion of the Supply Chain Management mainstream idea supported by Christopher. This framework focuses strictly on the firm and how Supply Chain Management (SCM) is addressed from a management perspective. It states that cooperation between firms is necessary in order to obtain a

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