Marketing Analysis : Gopro Sells Products Direct From Their Website Online And Retail Locations

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7.1.4 Place. GoPro sells products direct from their website online and retail locations through GoPro authorized resellers. There are over 25,000 retail locations selling GoPro products worldwide (Bloomberg, 2015). The stores range from Walmart to a small mom and pop bicycle rental shop in the Bahamas. Consumers benefit by being able to purchase accessories everywhere, not being limited to a high end or specific store to upgrade or purchase an extra battery, adds value. The plan is to continue the expansion network of the authorized dealers throughout Asia and the neighboring countries in 2016, with a goal of increasing the retail store locations selling GoPro products to 40,000 by the 2017. 8.0 Financial projections Year 2015 2016…show more content…
The marketing stage for GoPro is perpetual and in tandem with the other 4 stages of the product life cycle. The reason for the in tandem marketing is because GoPro uses the consumers video to promote their products. Rather than spending millions on promotional videos and add campaigns, GoPro’s products market themselves through online media. However the fierce competition GoPro has from other action camera manufacturers shortens the product life cycle. GoPro is forced to continually innovate and create new camera’s to stay ahead of the competition and uphold consumer expectation. Therefore, GoPro has been releasing a new camera model about once a year. But for GoPro to remain strong, more cameras are being introduced in a shorter time period. In 2015, three new cameras have been introduced to the market. This continuing shift for producing more products and services is shortening the GoPro camera life cycle. Because of the shorter life cycle GoPro will implement focused a marketing plan per camera, designed to create product value for the consumers. The shorter life cycle from product development through the decline of sales is 3 years. 9.0 Implementation plan. 9.1 Distribution. GoPro will target retail stores around the globe, supported by a global distribution strategy. The immediate focus is to expand distribution in China and capture the market share oppurtinity among the 1.4 billion Chinese. The GoPro
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