Marketing Analysis : Heineken 's Global Strategy

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Heineken, the 150-year-old Dutch company, one of the world’s most recognised brewers has employed different ways of digital marketing to reach its target audience. Through their they have a big opportunity to communicate with the public on issues for example the different beer brands, share a company information, such as financial statements, history, awards, etc. A strong social strategy is an important part of the Heineken’s digital marketing and Jeremy Brook, Heineken’s Global lead of digital strategy and media, sees it as the global marketing solution which enables to “establish a real time connection with consumers and understand their world.” Through a real conversation, Heineken is able to build a real brand equity. Brook expects the Heineken’s global strategy to push “the boundaries of what is possible in the digital space.” One of the initiatives is an increased presence in web operations. “The website is a good platform for the marketers to present a positive image of the company or product being sold. It also helps create some excitement about the company to the public”(Kotler, 2004). Therefore, the company moved beyond their traditional TV adverts and allocated 20% of its marketing budget on digital. According to Brook, the reason for this advancement was that “digital marketing gives us the flexibility to operate at global and local level”. However, many restraints have been placed on the digital marketing of an alcohol brand, Heineken is

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