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The Hershey Company has become a model in logistics for their supply chain and how they manage it all. From the raw materials, through the manufacturing of the candy, to the distribution and transportation and finally to the stores that sell the candy, Hershey has one of the most successful models of supply chain management out there to see. It really is amazing how a company can bring all of the elements that are needed to make candy, and be so good at every step. There are several things that make this company stand alone in high regards to the logistic performance they exude. The first thing is that Hershey has developed good relationships with their suppliers. They have also created ways to help the communities that they are a part of,…show more content…
The global component of The Hershey Company’s supply chain is something that requires mention. The relationships that Hershey has developed in nations such as Africa are good not only for Hershey but also the countries themselves. It allows very poor nations to be able to offer steady employment and a future to many people. And since cocoa can only be grown within three degrees from the equator, the relationships developed are important for Hershey’s survival. Hershey is always looking to ensure the best relationships with companies that are as environmentally sound. It is hard to know how they have done it, but they have developed relationships that are good for the planet too. “Those kind of efforts have landed The Hershey Co. on the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and North American index, as well as being recognized in 2013 at No. 98 by Corporate Responsibility Magazine in its annual list of the top 100 corporate citizens (Sadowski)”. The basic elements of the Hershey Company are pretty extensive. It begins with raw materials. For example, Cargill is Hershey’s largest supplier of non GMO sugar. They provide sugar deliveries round around the clock to ensure that Hershey is able to manufacture the products they make. The milk is fresh and sourced from local

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