Marketing Analysis : Hershey Company

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The Hershey Company has become a model in logistics for their supply chain and how they manage it all. From the raw materials, through the manufacturing of the candy, to the distribution and transportation and finally to the stores that sell the candy, Hershey has one of the most successful models of supply chain management out there to see. It really is amazing how a company can bring all of the elements that are needed to make candy, and be so good at every step. There are several things that make this company stand alone in high regards to the logistic performance they exude. The first thing is that Hershey has developed good relationships with their suppliers. They have also created ways to help the communities that they are a part of, such as their African cocoa suppliers. Secondly, Hershey has a great IT department that helps maintain the software that the company uses, and allows them to use it to the fullest. The role of logistics in the Hershey Companies supply chain is very large. Hershey uses logistics in every part of the product manufacturing they perform. As far as the logistic program Hershey uses, they say that “this program will greatly enhance Hershey 's manufacturing, sourcing and customer service capabilities, and will generate significant resources to invest in the company 's growth initiatives. These initiatives include accelerated marketplace momentum within the company 's core U.S. business, creation of innovative new product platforms to meet…
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