Marketing Analysis : Hershey Company

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The purpose of this Market report is to present a study of the different opportunities for The Hershey Company to be able to expand its business globally and to make an initial proposal that Hershey’s pursue opportunities in France.
In order to have completed this analysis, MarketLine Reports have been used, which is a strategic planning and marketing tool designed to help and provide information on a global marketing analysis. The three main reports that have been used throughout this analysis are the Global Report, France Report, and The Hershey Company Report. Additional research for this market report was completed by visiting The Hershey Company online and through independent research using the internet. This research along with the reports from the MarketLine allowed to prepare a thorough analysis of The Hershey Company and its product in order to present global opportunities.
The following document includes background information developed to establish a ground for Hershey’s current position. This is assisted with a strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threat analysis (SWOT analysis). A SWOT analysis is “a tool that marketers use to assess an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.” (Samson et al., 2016) Further analysis includes the identification of current markets for the company and product lines along with a market description of France and what products would be best suited for the company. Following this…
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