Marketing Analysis : Ikea And Ikea

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Consumer behaviour is defined as the study of customers and the methods that they take to choose a product or service. Marketers spend millions of dollars in research of consumer behaviour and the creation of consumer strategies. These consumer strategies are used in different industries to improve the image of a company and increase their sales. These strategies increase a customer’s desire for a particular product, and can often confuse them into believing that their product is a necessity. This is how small businesses are able to become wealthy global industries, such as McDonald’s and IKEA.
IKEA is a Swedish furniture store who has become a globally recognised company because they use consumerism strategies to attract more customers and increase their sales. As of 2004, IKEA had more than 200 stores in 32 countries. IKEA also sells around 12,000 different products, making them a one-stop destination for any interior renovation. Their stores are laid out almost like a maze, and customers are provided a map to navigate their way through the store. Many IKEA stores also have Swedish restaurants and they provide a play area for children to be dropped off while parents browse the store. This technique was first used in the Wesnedbury store in England and the store saw a rise in profit and found that customers were spending double the amount of time in the store, to approximately 4 hours. The food that is sold at IKEA is also cheap as a way of making all of the company

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