Marketing Analysis : International Bottled Water Industry

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We will purchase a factory here in New Hampshire which will be used to bottle and box the water for transportation. Being a start-up, we will bring Coca-Cola Co. into the plan which also happens to be here in NH, and utilize their facilities to transport the bottles.
As a popular retail food product, bottled water has differing prices, but according to the Beverage Marketing Corporation (BCM), the average wholesale price per gallon of domestic non-sparkling water cost $1.21. They also note that buyers regularly tend to purchase bottled water in mass from markets or substantial discount retailers as they often want to buy in expense sparing measures. (International Bottled Water Industry, 2015)
Consumers buy bottled water from many different retailers:
• 57.9% mass merchandisers, club stores, dollar stores, and online (where the price per gallon is generally much lower)
• 25.3% Grocery stores
• 4.5% Convenience stores (where the price per gallon is likely to be higher)
• 2.8% Drug stores
• The remaining 9.5% is accounted for through vending, food service, and other sales. (International Bottled Water Industry, 2015)
Emerging consumer demographic reports suggest that those whose income falls around $60,000 are 35% more likely to purchase a bottle of water than other classes. (Salazar, 2015) Therefore, price will be set at a rate that will comply with the budget of middle class, even lower class families. They will get a high quality water that is comparable

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