Marketing Analysis : International Marketing

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Midterm Report
Individual Assignment

Patrick Marco
International Marketing - LMIB2
3rd November 2014
Professor David James

Marketing is one of the most fundamental aspects in any business success. In fact it is what you say and the way you say it whilst trying to explain how a certain product or service is, giving your target audience reason why to use or purchase it. Marketing can be a bunch of things, whether promotion, an ad, a brochure or a press release. It can simply be a Facebook page or even a Twitter account. In order to increase revenues, one tries to market his business to a great number of people. It plays an essential role in our every-day lives. Each person nowadays uses marketing one way or another without even realizing.
For instance, waking up in the morning making a personal choice of what to wear or updating a Facebook or LinkedIn profile, it is a way of portraying and marketing ones self to other people. With marketing one it is creating his/her own brand. If marketing tools are used correctly in a business environment, it can show tremendous improvements in revenues thus creating positive impacts on a business’s profitability.
This essay is targeted to non-marketing business individual to explain the importance of understanding marketing and it’s meaning, the essence of understanding the fundamental principles of marketing mix elements, branding and segmentation and its essence in running a business in a more effective manner.
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