Marketing Analysis : International Marketing

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international marketing can include all these activites incluing licensing,importing and exporting, and franchising or the full direct entry of one country into another country for business objectives. This is achieved by one country exporting other countries’ products into its own business environment; it can also enter on franchising terms or through licensing in the country of interest, or direct investment in the foreign country. Market mix development involves product promotion, product pricing and the product development and needs international marketing (Ball et al, 2006). This can be very simple as it would mean only an extension of the current market strategies in the parent country into the target country’s entire customization of the marketing mix. Marketing as it is in business can fail or succeed depending on very many factors that are always in play. Over the years, failure or success is always as a result of the strategies a business employs to carry out his/her activities in marketing (Czinkotta et al, 2007).
Successful international marketing strategies
a. Customer satisfaction
The top most requirement in successful marketing is achieving customer satisfaction. The business person should, most importantly, realize that customer satisfaction is the most important step into marketing success and so should always be the number one priority of the company (Ball et al, 2006). As the only people who know what customers want are customer themselves, the business
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