Marketing Analysis : International Marketing

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When its about maturity of domestic markets ,it is becoming more important or we can fashionable for organization to look for the growth through the opportunities in foreign countries. Changes in generation ,faster communication high end technology ,improved transport system are making international market more approachable. When businesses looking for global position then hunger give them brand awareness and cost effectiveness.
The main process of international marketing is start from the domestic marketing to international marketing and after that try to reach global marketing. Global marketing always refers to the globalization.
When its about identical product standardization is important which means when a process
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As a Non-alcoholic beverages Coa Cola is the world,s largest manufacturer and distributer. Ofcourse its not a stranger in Golbal is established in the US,Coca Cola started their global expansion In 1919 and now they markets their product more then 200 countries worldwide.CocaCola has its own large portfolio of other soft drink brands including Oasis,%alive ,kea,Fanta,Dr. Pepper,Sprite and is the most recognizable brand on the earth.
In this report To get into the conclusion which strategy can be considered for the global brand Coca-Cola we need to analyse Coca-Cola,s marketing mix is standardize or adapted we need to go through some arguments .

When a company follows a marketing strategy for global market and there is no difference its called standardization.which does have some advantage such as it helps to lower the cost over the outputs .

Standardization does have some barriers as wellif we go through 4p’s of marketing ,such as
Product: there is difference between habits and tastes on markets
Price : different incomes of consumer
Place: distribution system varied widely
Promotion: language skills, education level (levels of literacy) and media habits of consumers varied

On the other hand some organization make their marketing strategies differently for their overseas market.and their marketing mix is totally different and it meets the different needs of its is is called
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