Marketing Analysis : Kraft Foods

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In the United Kingdom, Kraft Foods just recently started marketing Kenco coffee in refill bags to match glass containers. The refill bags use 97 percent less product packaging product by weight than a new jar, and less power in the packaging conversion procedure. In North America, Kraft Foods lately changed its Maxwell House, Yuban and Nabob coffee brand names from steel cans to composite paperboard that considers 30 percent much less, uses HALF recycled content as well as is expected to remove 8.5 million pounds (3.9 million kilograms) of packaging. 3. Transforming behavior with ingenious collaborations Kraft Foods reuses virtually 90 percent of its global manufacturing waste. It makes sense to help customers boost their own recycling…show more content…
The program has been so successful that it has actually broadened worldwide to the United Kingdom as well as Canada, as well as there 's even more in the works. 4. Go with the Lean Six Sigma program Kraft Foods implemented a Lean 6 Sigma program in 2011, as well as has employed concerning 70 Lean 6 Sigma specialists in order to help boost its production line. As the firm remains to see positive arise from implementing Lean 6 Sigma throughout various other areas of its supply chain, it has dedicated more cash right into Lean 6 Sigma training, as well as has just recently upped its adherence to the Lean Six Sigma program due to the fact that the firm has actually seen quantifiable boosts in performance therefore, as well as in a claim previously in year 2013 they connected a section of their increased first-quarter earnings directly to the Lean Six Sigma program. In a market with such competitors as The Hershey Business, Kellogg as well as General Mills, it is believed that Kraft will certainly continue to gain from its cost conserving campaigns and also will continue to be a strong investment opportunity for shareholders. In a claim at the 2013 Citi Global Customer seminar, Irene Rosenfeld stated that Kraft lately "worked with as
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