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Dear Agency Marketer, I’m sure by now you’ve heard the old adage “nothing gets done until a sale is made” and it is still valid today even though the marketplace changes at an astounding pace. The fact is that, at its core, the process of marketing is pretty much the same as it has always been. In order to be a successful marketer you need: 1. A complete understanding of who your marketplace is and where you stand in that marketplace. 2. A complete understanding of how your company and your products and services fit into the marketplace. 3. A complete understanding of how to effectively communicate with the marketplace. 4. A complete understanding how to evaluate your marketing efforts. Sounds pretty simple, right? Not really. Sadly,…show more content…
If you need any clarification about any of these questions, please call me at 877-558-6002. Happy Marketing! Avery Manko President, The Manko Company 1. Who is your ideal target market? Does your agency serve any niche markets? Please describe. ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Where geographically do you do business? Is it feasible to expand outside of that area? ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. What are the demographic segments that make up of your target area? Are the populations stable, growing or shrinking? ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. What does your agency offer that your competitors do not offer? ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. What do your competitors offer that your agency does not offer? ________________________________________________________________________________________

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