Marketing Analysis : Lulu Lemon

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1. Industry/ Company Review
Lulu Lemon is a on the rise company that competes fiercely in the very competitive world of clothing. However, Lulu is more known to individuals in the athletic and fitness world as a great product to wear when exercising. To bring more perspective Lulu Lemon is designing yoga pants, shorts, and shirts. The shirts and other clothing products are sown together with high quality fabric and elastic material. These clothing products are designed by respected fashion designers, and engineers to allow the best fitting, most effective, and highest performing fitness. The engineering that their analysis rely on is finding the most durability, and flexibility fabric that allows their clients to move effectively when
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At the time the company was yoga based store and a few other athletic wear products. They started to get their company name out by being a design studio by day and a yoga studio by night. From that point on Lululemon could raise the name recognition and expand its product line and understand their core base. Today, as implied earlier LuluLemon has become known as an athletic clothes connoisseur. The main target market is millennial women, but they have entered the male athletic wear market and have been trying to their sales pool. However, their marketing mix is very much a core mix, their placement of their products is at their own stores only, but advertise in many athletic related websites and athletic related paraphernalia. The company offers many promotions specifically on social media and some print ads. In regards to price they are higher priced than average athletic wear. Therefore, Lulu is trying to target more well established consumers. Finally, as stated earlier Lulu’s products are athletic wear products such as yoga pants, shorts, and shirts, but Lulu is looking at expanding their product line capabilities. All in all, Lulu is known for their quality and uniqueness to the market segment, they offered their consumers a range of products needed in today’s fitness world. Therefore, Lululemon is looking for all options to improve their market outreach to meet the needs of their clients.

2. Product Review/Buyer Analysis
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