Marketing Analysis : Lululemon Athletica Inc.

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Before launching a new product one should thoroughly understand the market demand, competition, existence of similar products, manufacturing & distribution costs and market dynamics. Failure to analyze the above will result in total failure of the product and the company that manufacture the product. According to the text book following are the main reasons of product failure :No competitive point of difference, unexpected reactions from competitors, poor positioning, poor quality of product, non-delivery of promised benefits of product, too little marketing support, poor perceived price/quality (value) relationship, faulty estimates of market potential and other marketing research mistakes, faulty estimates of production or marketing…show more content…
These chargers failed often because of overheating. HP should have identified the correct charger for use with their new product before releasing it. Enough testing was not done and quality was compromised. Battery life was also poor. Also it had compatibility issues, meaning that it won’t work with existing iPads, iPods and iPhones. The concept of “Cloud services” was not that popular among users and people were skeptical about security issues. Chromebook used Google’s Operating system, but Google did not have the infrastructure to support this product. This product did not have any hard drive because it was primarily intended for browsing the web. This reduced the product flexibility and usability. “EarHero” earphones introduced their product as “the world’s safest earphones”, but at a very high price. Also the product was defective - instead of blocking outside noise it was allowing outside noise. There was a fundamental design flaw that should been caught during initial testing and inspection. This product failed to deliver what was promised and the price/quality was too high. 4) The four essential skills that are required for a successful sales team, are Customer knowledge, Product knowledge, Effective Communication and Time & goal Management. Sales representatives should be up-to date on current market events and changes, to be successful. They should create a database of current customers,

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