Marketing Analysis : Marketing Analytics

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Background: Marketing analytics can give a company a vast amount of information in several spaces of marketing: website metrics, social media (SMO), web-analytics data and SEO. A company that gathers a wealth of useful data from marketing analytics can make effective marketing decisions, and create new marketing campaigns and programs in order to capture additional market share through in store and online purchases. Marketing analytics has the ability to answer the following questions which, if left unanswered, could be detrimental to a billion-dollar brand: Are marketing resources being allocated correctly? Are we targeting the right channels: mass merchandisers, dollar channel, super-markets, convenience stores or via online? How should we prioritize our marketing budget for next year or the year after? How influential and profitable are our marketing campaigns compared to our competitors marketing campaigns? Within marketing analytics the focus of this briefing will be on developing consumer relationships via social media/digital marketing. Key-Findings: • 1.3 billion people (daily) buy Kimberly-Clark’s products from 80 different countries---Huggies has a major share of those purchases • 275,000 Kimberly-Clark followers on Twitter and 65,000 Huggies followers on Twitter • 1.2 million followers on Huggies’ Facebook page • 281,000 Kimberly-Clark followers on Linked-In and 0 Huggies followers on Linked-In • August and July win as the top months for newborn infants for
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