Marketing Analysis : Marketing And Marketing

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What is Marketing? A plethora of individuals seem to be misinformed about marketing. Several of these individuals believe that marketing is just advertising. Others will tell you that marketing is all about sales, insinuating that all marketers are just salesmen. Now these beliefs are both right and wrong. “How can they both be right and wrong at the same time?” you may be asking yourself. Well they are right, because marketing encompasses both advertising and sales. They are both wrong by assuming that marketing is all about advertising, or all about sales. Marketing is a very creative industry that includes many aspects, such as: advertising, branding, strategic management, communications, market research, market planning, database marketing, marketing strategy, direct marketing, search engine marketing, event organization, retailing, global marketing, public relations, international marketing, internet marketing, and industrial marketing. Marketing is a necessary and essential part of all Business, and it is more than just advertising. Why is marketing essential for businesses? Marketing is the process of determining what it is that people want or need, and then fulfilling that want or need. For a business to be profitable it has to make money. In order for the business to make money and generate revenue to cover its costs, it has to sell a product or service. If a business wants to sell someone a product or service, they have to know what that person, or group of
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