Marketing Analysis : Marketing And Marketing

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In this day and age, marketing plays a pivotal role in the business environment. Marketing is dynamic, complicated and challenging. The basic concept of marketing is to identify the need of human and society, and research how to satisfy and create those need. According to American Marketing Association (AMA), defining that marketing is the processed activity which communicate and exchange valuable offerings to customers (AMA, 2013). To be more precise, the main mission of marketing is choosing target market, creating, delivering customer value in order to develop the partnership with customer, and contribute to the organization and relevant stakeholders (Kotler & Keller, 2011). In a word, ‘marketing is to meet needs profitably’ (Kotler & Armstrong, 2011).Therefore, when it comes to launching a new product is not easy in such intensive marketing environment, it is estimated that the failure rate of new products is at 90 percent in Europe and even at 95 percent in United States resulted from high development cost, bad launch timing, poor design of product and incorrect segmentation, targeting and positioning (Kotler & Armstrong 2011). As a result, marketing is not only regarded as selling, in other word, selling is not the most vital part of the marketing process, Peter Drucker who is a prestigious founder of modern management asserted that the making selling unnecessary is the objective of marketing. The aim of marketing is to realize customer profoundly so that the product
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