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MARKETING ANALYSIS OF ECOSTORE Created By: Manikandan Anandan 18836549 La Trobe University, Australia 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY CONTENTS 2. INTRODUCTION 2.1. Background of the company Concerns over sustainable development of the global population first came to the attention of the public in the World Commission on Environment and Development’s Brundtland report in 1987 (Sanne, 2002). Modern consumption is unsustainable as it is reliant on finite and non‐renewable resources and generate unacceptable environmental impacts (Jackson, 2006). These ideologies had an immense effect on the consumers to buy the products which are sustainable. And Ecostore had the similar goals towards making the sustainable products for the people. Their endeavors to maintain a strategic distance from the likelihood of accessibility of poisonous quality in the market items prompted the start of the business enterprise. Their plant based products which are eco-friendly sells some 200 household and personal care products in Australasian and Asian markets. In this report we will attempt to concentrate
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