Marketing Analysis : Marketing And Sales

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As I grew older and learned more about the business world and what it had to offer, I instantly grew interest in the marketing field. The other majors seemed too boring and dealt with too many numbers, I enjoyed the aspect of marketing and how creative you can get with it while interacting with many other people. Marketing and Sales is something that I have wanted to do for a few years now after growing up and seeing my Dad in that field, and now seeing my brother develop in that field. I love the idea of researching a topic, gaining new information about that topic, and than selling your pitch or idea to a customer. I like to believe that I have good communication skills and I am a people person, which can help significantly when it comes…show more content…
Whether it is a product design issue, a pricing concern, or an advertising problem, these issues need to be attended to and answered quickly with a definite answer; there is no room for people who cannot commit to a decision. Another essential quality to have is creativity. The success of a product relies heavily on how exciting of an idea you can create and how that can appeal to your target market. Marketing is one of the most competitive fields in the industry, diversifying your product from others is key so you need to have that competitive nature with you at all times. As for skills, a marketing employee typically needs to be excelled in computer skills. Collecting data, analyzing data, and compiling reports are all part of the job and you need to know how to successfully put this info into computer documents that are easy to read and understand. Organizational skills are also a very important quality to have because you often need to manage multiple projects and matters at the same time. Certain strengths to posses in the marketing field are written and oral communication skills and the ability to work with a team. Marketing teams often get together in groups to work on a project, and the ability for you to interact and share your ideas clearly is critical to the team’s success. The top companies hiring in marketing right now are: Sears’s Holdings Corporation, Amazon Corporate
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