Marketing Analysis : Marketing And Sales Professionals

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In this section I will take highlights from the CIW 2013 Report to compare and contrast my findings and conclusions from my interview and survey with my marketing professional with what the report found in regards to the Marketing field.

- The marketing and sales professionals in our survey composed 12% of our database. More marketing professionals work in organizations with fewer than 50 employees than all of the other professions (38%). Marketers reported spending 41% of their time writing on the job.
- Watson also works in an organization that is staffed by fewer than 50 people, although, he recorded on the survey that only 10% of his time is spent writing on his job. The CIW 2013 Report doesn’t specifically state what jobs within marketing prove that statistics but, with Watson primarily working with social media, this condenses his writing time.

- One interesting finding was that professionals spend 39% of their time writing email, which has not changed significantly from six years ago (38%). Email is the most frequent form of written communication used. Other forms of hard copy documents are formal documents (24%), memos (16%), and letters (14%). In addition, marketers spend more time writing email (52%) then the other professionals, which was the same finding from the study we conducted six years ago.
- This finding is still consistent in 2015 as my interviewee stated that he spends about 75% of his time writing email.

- Marketing professionals also
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