Marketing Analysis : Marketing, Goods, Services, Events

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BMI3C1a-Marketing: Goods, Services, Events

Marketing the Language
—A Brief Business report about the English language education provided by

Asian English learners having an English class. (Credit: Toronto Star Universal Images Group)

This report is to provide an overview of marketing efforts made by the company running a private English language institution online at

Four Factors of Marketing
Just like any other forms of marketing, the Four Factors—need, the ability to satisfy needs, to communicate and to distribute are essential for it to occur. Those factors arm the owner of the institution for welcoming their next thousandth student.

Although most citizens from Asia are non-Anglophones, they have started their language study. No matter how their international background is, globalization has become one of the trends today. Because of such a kind of trends, language study has become popular all over the world. In Asia, where there lives a multitude of non-anglophones, a ton of language teachers is certainly needed.

Ability to Satisfy Needs
Owing to globalization, with the help of the Internet, the institution tries to affect and hire Anglophones who graduated from Universities to work as English language tutors. For those target employees, the job seems to be fascinating given that the job is a comfortable, free, and money-making job. They never have to go to work outside their own comfy bedrooms as long as the tutor…
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