Marketing Analysis : Marketing Management

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Joseph Anchor
BME-213804-01 Marketing Management
Professor Jordan Fructer
April 10th, 2016
Conventionally, before a consumer buys a product, he/she will follow a sequence of events known as “hierarchy of effects.” It all starts with the consumer being aware that the product exists. In this essay we will go through how various websites go about creating awareness of the products to the last step of making the potential client make the last move; order.
Marketing experts concur that brand awareness in any industry gives a business an edge. Creating brand awareness accomplishes a number of objectives for businesses that are seeking to increase revenues in the market place. Brand awareness drive has to be supple enough to grow with the firm and be able to adjust if necessary. Business firm needs to seek to build customer awareness endorse its website and add value (Nathan, 2011).
Brand awareness usually follows a particular progression, which more often than not, customers do not think through when deciding to buy a product. Initially, the customer has a perceived need for the product, and then he/she will seek/evaluate the available alternatives, though in some cases will opt to buy what is convenient, such as buying a drink. At the same time, he will attach value, both personal and financial, on the product he/she would like to buy.
Awareness can be created by advertisers launching new services, promote a brand, sell merchandise, or simply directing visitors to their Web
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